How to get rid of warts

Having warts can be an embarrassing and sometimes painful experience. Try these methods to get rid of warts and get your skin back to normal.

Heartburn helpers

Here are some ways to distinguish if you have typical slight heartburn or need to see a physician.

Prevent and treat foot pain

Try these options to help prevent and treat foot pain:

Protect your eyes this winter

We've got some tips to help keep your eyes in top condition this winter:

Giving is good for your body and mind

Here are some ways that your body and mind reap the benefits of giving.

Preventing and treating diaper rash

Prevent and treat diaper rash with these helpful tips:

Understanding hair loss

Understand why hair loss is happening to you and how you can treat it with these tips.

Early bedtime leads to fewer worries

A study published in the Springer Link Cognitive Therapy and Research Journal found that people who go to bed earlier have fewer negative thoughts and worries.

Winter skin helpers

Here are some great ways to prevent and treat dry, itchy winter skin.

Teeth grinding 101

Here is some information on what happens when you grind your teeth and ways to treat and prevent it.
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