The importance of friendship

Friends put the "f" in fun. They make us laugh and help us when we're down. Not only are they entertaining to be around, quality friends can actually improve your health.

Signs you need an eye exam

Most eye doctors recommend that adults have a yearly eye exam to promote proper eye health. Some people may need to have their eyes checked more often. Here are some signs that you may need to schedule an eye exam.

Electrolyte 101

Often you'll hear the word "electrolyte" referred to when talking about sports drinks. Did you know it's a vital substance that all humans must have in order to exist?

Helpful tips to prevent and treat acne

While acne is often more common during the teenage years it can happen to adults as well. If you are struggling with keeping your skintone clear, you may want to try these steps to help prevent and treat acne:

Healthy tea varieties

Try these tea varieties and enjoy their natural nutritious qualities.

How to get a quick energy boost

Avoid unnecessary sugar and caffeine crashes and get a healthy energy boost with these tips.

How to avoid hearing loss

It can be hard to tell what volume is just annoying and what is physically damaging to your ears. Here are some tips to avoid hearing loss.

Tips for running in the winter

Take a look at these tips to help keep you on the roads and trails this winter.

Why you may need a humidifier

Add a humidifier to your home to prevent your family from getting sick this winter.

How to know if you should stay home sick

Heading ot work or staying home can be a tough decision when you're feeling sick. Follow these tips to see if you should call in sick.
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