Understanding your sleep cycles

If you're looking to gain insight into your sleep habits it is helpful to learn about sleep cycles. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine finds the sleep cycle to be broken into four stages. Learn about them here.

These habits might lower your IQ

You may be surprised at these things that may be making you dumber.

The care and keeping of lips

We've got some tips for proper lip care to keep you comfortable and smooth all year long.

How to get your kids to be more active

It can be difficult to get your children to be active when all they want to do is play video games or watch TV. Help your kids be active by trying these fun ideas.

Study finds financial stress leads Americans to engage in unhealthy behaviors

According to the annual American Psychological Association Stress in America Survey, the major stressor of US residents today is finances. Because of this, many individuals do not seek medical assistance and to indulge in unhealthy stress-management techniques.

These foods may extend your life expectancy

If you pay attention to your eating habits you may be able to make positive changes that lengthen your life. Here are some foods that have been shown to improve health and potentially add years to your life expectancy.

Study found napping helps people who sleep poorly

Who doesn't like a good day-time snooze now and then? A new study found that short naps can help reverse the negative hormonal effects of a bad nights sleep.

Changes in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines

The 2015 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is set to be released within the next several months and may change the way people think about fats and salt.

Create an emergency evacuation kit

When hurricanes, storms and other natural events happen it is helpful to have an emergency evacuation kit created so you have all the essentials ready to go at a moments notice. Make your own kit with these items.

Undo the damage of sitting at your desk

It's important to undo the damage done at our desks by stretching and getting some exercise. Try these tips to restore your body to it's pre-desk condition.
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